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Zaev is a politician highly esteemed by the West.

Notwithstanding the facts that he had already once received — in a criminal procedure — the pardon of the President of the Republic, or that, on the basis of photographs, he appeared — of course completely wrongly — to be connected with the Albanian Mafia. As it has been usual since the independence of the country to involve at least one Albanian party in the government coalition, the Albanians are now the tip of the scales when it comes to a new government formation.

This is proven by reading between the lines. The main claim is to use the Albanian language as an official and everyday language in everyday business throughout the country, even in those areas where not a single Albanian resides. The plan is to have bilingual topographical inscriptions as well as a corresponding change of the state symbols state name, national flag and national anthem. The borders with Albania and Kosovo must remain open. In terms of content, the Tirana platform means the creation of a bi-national state. The Macedonian president considers this coalition agreement to be directed against the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Macedonia and thus to be an open breach of the Constitution.

Despite being massively criticized on the part of the quasi-governors, he has so far successfully refused to entrust SDSM chairman Zaev with the formation of a government. Parliament has interrupted its constitutive session after the elections without the election of a President of Parliament. This offer was rejected. One has to be aware of the dual standard applied by the EU: here in the Balkans it is acclaimed and encouraged that a foreign head of government has a decisive influence on the domestic policy of a neighboring country, while at home there is great excitement when Turkish politicians are doing electoral campaigning among their own diaspora.

The pleasant-sounding, velvety multicultural lingo of the action paper suggests that the actual authors of the platform are to be found in one of the propaganda workshops of the Soros network, if not directly in Washington. Was this a pure coincidence? The main objective: the division of Macedonia and the creation of a Greater Albania. Is it anywhere where a bilingual place-name sign can be found? The majority population is fighting for their state, but the red line has been crossed.

This is why the non-Albanian inhabitants of the Macedonia go out into the streets. They know well that, the Tirana platform once having been implemented, their national statehood, which has only been gained by fierce fighting in , would be at its end and that they will again be dominated by others as they used to be for years under the Turkish yoke and then in the interwar period Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

The members of the other minorities of the country see the example of Kosovo, where the non-Albanian population has been expelled permanently since or has to be guarded by NATO for their lifetime — a significant proof how Albanians respect the human rights of other ethnic groups.

Governmental change through destabilization and election campaign with massive foreign support. It was as early as when investigative media found out that the EU was planning to establish jobcentres in some African countries in order to recruit 50 million black-African migrant workers over the next decades. This prevents a strengthening of the Western defensive alliance on its southern flank. For this reason, the US and EU have been trying for a long time to shake the quite successful Macedonian government. In May , in the town of Kumanovo near the Serbian-Kosovar border, several dozen Kosovarian UCK fighters probably prepared armed attacks on various institutions.

However, the coup was discovered in time and the terrorists were neutralized by the security forces in an exemplary action — without civilian casualties.

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It is not unlikely that it was even those foreign agents who passed on the relevant information about the intended coup to the authorities. In the same year, the leftist opposition tried — with energetic logistical support from the West — to create an Euromaidan scenario in order to overthrow of the government. This was done through mass demonstrations, where foreign ambassadresses marched in the front line. An unsuccessful attempt, though. Only hooligans came in droves, and were allowed to let off steam at public buildings.

Having always been accustomed to calls from the outside Belgrade and to implement the interests of others CP Central Committee , they are disciplined pupils from Washington and Brussels. Their election campaign in the autumn of was extremely professional and elaborate, most likely in any event far more costly than officially stated. Since the party — for the past ten years in opposition — has hardly had any relevant income, the funds for the election campaign most likely had come to a large extent from abroad. Rudimentary voter transition analyses indicate the origin of about 70, votes from regions where traditionally the Albanian clan boss dictates how his clan has to vote.

This problably explains why the SDSM slowed down the early elections it had requested itself — their probably foreign spin doctors needed more time to raise the necessary financial resources and to coordinate their waves of attack. Strana bez nazvaniya: vneshnepoliticheskii aspekt stanovleniya makedonskogo gosudarstva — gg. Danforth L. Princeton, Princeton University Press, United Nations General Assembly. Macedonians march against discrimination. Denying Ethnic Identity. The Macedonians in Greece.

New York, Human Rights Watch, Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Interim Accord with related letters and translations in the languages of the Contracting Parties. Signed at New York on 13 September Zelikson D.

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Ekonomicheskaya diplomatiya kak instrument vneshnei politiki Gretsii na Balkanakh. Moscow, Peshkopia R.

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London, New York, Anthem Press, Vangeli A. Nation-building ancient Macedonian style: the origins and the effects of the so-called antiquization in Macedonia. Nationalities Papers , , no. Mattioli F. Authoritarianism in Macedonia.


Bieber F. It will not solve the problem, but I was surprised at the Thessaloniki rally In Greek. Macedonia and Greece appear close to settling year dispute over name. At least Speech by composer Mikis Theodorakis stirs controversy. Final agreement for the settlement of the differences as described in the United Nations Security Council resolutions and , the termination of the Interim Accord of , and the establishment of a strategic partnership between the parties.

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Dear readers! This is to inform you that we begin to provide free access to full-text archive issues of the journal on our WEB-site. The work on deepening the open archive of full-text issues will be continued. Those who are interested, please personally address to the editorial staff of MEMO Journal room with an electronic media e-mailing is not possible because of technical reasons. Bulgarian Claims. Dispute with Greece. Macedonian Point of View. He was not only one of the most powerful rulers, but also one of the tallest known in history. He was more than 7 feet tall.

Most of Eastern Europe is populated by Slavic people.