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The most familiar transcendental functions are the logarithm , the exponential with any non-trivial base , the trigonometric , and the hyperbolic functions, and the inverses of all of these.

Less familiar are the special functions of analysis , such as the gamma , elliptic , and zeta functions , all of which are transcendental. The generalized hypergeometric and Bessel functions are transcendental in general, but algebraic for some special parameter values.

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A function that is not transcendental is algebraic. Simple examples of algebraic functions are the rational functions and the square root function, but in general, algebraic functions cannot be defined as finite formulas of the elementary functions. The indefinite integral of many algebraic functions is transcendental. For example, the logarithm function arose from the reciprocal function in an effort to find the area of a hyperbolic sector.

Differential algebra examines how integration frequently creates functions that are algebraically independent of some class, such as when one takes polynomials with trigonometric functions as variables. Most familiar transcendental functions, including the special functions of mathematical physics, are solutions of algebraic differential equations.

Those that are not, such as the gamma and the zeta functions, are called transcendentally transcendental or hypertranscendental functions.

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In many instances the exceptional set is fairly small. In general, finding the exceptional set of a function is a difficult problem, but if it can be calculated then it can often lead to results in transcendental number theory.

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Here are some other known exceptional sets:. While calculating the exceptional set for a given function is not easy, it is known that given any subset of the algebraic numbers, say A , there is a transcendental function whose exceptional set is A. This directly implies that there exist transcendental functions that produce transcendental numbers only when given transcendental numbers.

Alex Wilkie also proved that there exist transcendental functions for which first-order-logic proofs about their transcendence do not exist by providing an exemplary analytic function. In dimensional analysis , transcendental functions are notable because they make sense only when their argument is dimensionless possibly after algebraic reduction.

Because of this, transcendental functions can be an easy-to-spot source of dimensional errors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Further information: Elementary function differential algebra. Townsend, Functions of a Complex Variable , , p. It only takes a minute to sign up. How to prove that two univariate polynomials over any field are always algebraically dependent? Also, how to prove the generalization of this question i. I know one proof, but still posting this question because i want to know about alternative proofs of this nice fact.

But dimension of two transcendence bases should be same.

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So contradiction. My guess is this elementary fact can be proved by many different ways.

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Here is an elementary proof for the case of univariate polynomials. If I'm not mistaken, this should generalize via the multivariate resultant: see Wikipedia or this paper "Explicit formulas for the multivariate resultant" by Carlos D'Andrea and Alicia Dickenstein.

I don't think Hilbert's nullstellensatz is necessary. Siegel and W. The proof of the Siegel-Thimm theorem can be found e.

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