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Writing was everything to him and he would spend hours working on one phrase.

Was it interesting to do the research? SP: The research was endlessly fascinating. I chose this topic first because of my interest in Normandy and discovered during the course of the project that Flaubert led an amazing life, both intellectually and in the context of the historical time frame he lived within. He was very close to his parents and younger sister.

In the space of one year, his sister died of childbirth related causes and his father died of an infected wound. He had several tumultuous relationships with women, but ultimately chose to stay with his mother. On the one hand he closed himself off from the world to write, yet his close friendships with fellow writers sustained him at times also.

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His life story is full of unexpected intrigue, passion and pathos. While I am involved in other pursuits at the moment, including a full-time job and the care and feeding of one husband, two sons and a young puppy, I continue to read about French history and harbor plans for more travels and more books in the future.

SP: I would encourage anyone with an interest in French history and culture to visit Rouen and the surrounding countryside. WE: Thanks so much, Susannah! Your book is a treasure - not only for Flaubert devotees, but for those of us who are less familiar with his work. I'm currently re-reading Madame Bovary, thanks to your book! Skip to main content. Submitted by Dr. Roaring Forties Press. Flaubert par Nadar portrait of Flaubert: credit: Bibliotheque Municipale de Rouen The author, Susannah Patton , grew up in San Francisco, but her interest in things French began early with school classes and a high school summer in France.

WE: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us? Popular Tags.

A Journey Into Flaubert's Normandy : ArtPlace Series

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A Journey Into Flaubert's Normandy: ArtPlace Series by Susannah Patton -

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